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How do reimbursements work?

If an employee has paid for an eligible purchase using a personal form of payment, they may choose to submit an expense for reimbursement

From the employees' perspective, they will simply log into their Benepass app and follow the steps to submit an expense. Once submitted, their submission will be reviewed to ensure:

  • The vendor or item(s) purchased is eligible
  • The amount requested matches the amount on the receipt

Based on the documentation and information provided to us on the expense, one of the following cases will happen next.

The expense is approved

If the expense meets all requirements for a particular benefit, it will be approved.

  • US employees: employees in the US can choose a bank account and receive reimbursement payments directly through ACH. After approval, payments are sent automatically. Payment generally arrives 3-5 days following, depending on their bank's processing times. These payments are managed by Benepass.
  • International employees: employees outside the US will be reimbursed via your payroll. Once an expense is approved, it will be reported in the International Reimbursements report. Most clients prefer to review the list on a monthly basis to process, meaning employees typically receive a reimbursement payment the month following approval. With this in mind, these payments are managed by your team

The expense was denied

If the expense does not meet the requirements for a particular benefit, it will be denied. Whenever a claim is denied, those funds are immediately returned to the employee's Benepass balance. 

The expense requires more information

Occasionally, a claim will require more information before it can be approved. This could be because the receipt was unreadable or missing information, the amount requested was incorrect, part of the total purchase was ineligible, the claim was submitted under the wrong benefit, or similar. In these cases, the Benepass team will send an automatic notification to the employee with what's needed to process the claim. 


  1. Can international employees also choose a bank account?
    Due to banking regulations, we can only send ACH payments to US-based employees with local bank accounts. International employees will not have the option to choose a bank account. 

  2. An international employee has not received their payment yet
    International reimbursement payments are processed through your payroll, which means this is something your team will oversee. You can access the data from the Admin Dashboard under Reports > International Reimbursements preset.

  3. A US employee has not received their payment yet
    Sometimes payments may be delayed because the employee's bank account is not validated, pending verification, or need to be refreshed. Employees are automatically notified when this is the case. However, if they missed the notification, please direct the employee to reach out to Support and we will be able to further investigate. 

  4. The status of an expense is "approved" but payment hasn't been received
    The "Approved" status means the expense has been reviewed and approved. After approval, payments are sent within one business day. After the payment is processed, it can take up to 3-5 business days for the employee to see the deposit in their chosen bank account, depending on their bank's processing times. If an employee has not received payment within this timeframe, please direct the employee to reach out to our Support team.

  5. An eligible expense was denied
    If an expense was denied in error, please let us know! We can reverse the denial and update any internal documentation needed to reflect your policy.

Questions? We are happy to help! Please reach out to the Benepass Admin Support Team by emailing


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