Contributions and Expirations

Administrators: What are the options for contribution and expiration schedule?

You can customize the contribution and expiration of each post-tax benefit to fit the needs of your company.

Our most popular designs are:

  1. Monthly stipend, rollover month-to-month, expires on 12/31 (e.g. wellness, lifestyle account)
  2. Monthly stipend, expires end of the month (e.g. cell phone/wifi, commuter, meals)
  3. Annual stipend, expires on 12/31 (e.g. professional development, student loan assistance, WFH refresh)
  4. One-off stipends, no expiry (e.g. recognition, birthday, anniversary)
  5. New Hire stipend, expires in [6-12] months (e.g. WFH set-up, welcome perks)
  6. Lifetime stipend, no expiry (e.g. family formation and fertility, tuition reimbursement)

Upon an individual's departure from the company, all Benepass benefits will terminate.

These design options are available only for post-tax benefits & perks. The structure of pre-tax benefits is dictated by IRS regulations and is less customizable.

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