Can't reclassify a transaction - Troubleshooting

If you've already attempted to reclassify a transaction yourself by following the directions under How do I change which benefit a transaction is classified as? but you're still having trouble, it's likely due to one of the following reasons.   

Your transaction wasn't recognized as eligible under the right benefit

Benepass uses an algorithm to determine which benefit your transaction falls under. Our system approves card authorizations in real-time by analyzing information that comes from Visa. When a transaction could be eligible under multiple benefits, our system tries its best to direct it to the correct bucket, but sometimes it misses one.

If you think one of your transactions has been misclassified and you are unable to edit it yourself, contact the Support Team for assistance. Our Support Team can look into the transaction, ensure the transaction is allowed to be reclassified, and adjust the transaction for you if applicable. When you contact the Support Team, make sure you mention:

  • the transaction details: merchant name, transaction date, transaction amount
  • which benefit you would like the transaction to be moved to

Your transaction exceeded your available balance under the correct benefit

A reason why a transaction might not pull from the correct benefit is that the transaction exceeded your available balance under that specific benefit. Whenever a transaction could be eligible under different benefits, our card will pull the funds from where there is enough balance (and if there isn't enough balance anywhere, the purchase declines).

If you think this might be the reason why your transaction was misclassified, you can double-check by:

  • Logging into your Benepass account
  • Finding the benefit you were hoping the transaction would pull from
  • Looking under the "Remaining" column to see how much available balance you have under that specific benefit
  • If the Remaining amount is less than the transaction amount, your transaction was categorized under a different benefit due to this insufficient balance.

You are trying to reclassify a transaction under a pre-tax benefit

If you are looking to reclassify a transaction that should fall under a pre-tax benefit, you may need our Support Team to assist. Because pre-tax purchases are regulated by the IRS, the team needs to review a reclassification into a pre-tax benefit to ensure we are remaining compliant. If this is the case, please contact us through the link below.

Questions? We are happy to help! Please reach out to Benepass Support for any assistance.

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