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Reports: Transaction Types and Statuses Guide

On the Benepass Reporting tab, you might come across a few states and statuses for transactions that require clarification.

In general, when we use the term "transaction", we're referring to employee spend in any form - this includes both card transactions on the Benepass Visa card and expenses submitted for reimbursement.

Transaction Types

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Card Spending


All card spending should ultimately result in a completed, closed transaction. This will appear once an order has been shipped or fulfilled, and the authorization hold has been released.


Reimbursements are benefit-eligible expenses employees have paid for using a personal card. They submit a receipt image and are paid out for eligible purchases.


This transaction type only appears in the filter of the Pending Spending report.

When a merchant initiates a transaction, they will place a temporary hold or "authorization" charge on a card. The amount and length of time this hold charge is issued for may vary depending on the merchant. For example, Instacart will often place an authorization hold at the time of online purchase and not release the hold until the shopper has delivered the items.

The lifecycle of a credit card transaction is generally "authorization hold" >  "closed transaction"  > "authorization release"

Card authorizations will be "zeroed" out once the funds have been released and will disappear from the spending report, being replaced by the completed transaction.


Transaction Statuses

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  • Complete: For expense submissions, the claim has been approved as eligible by the Benepass team. For card spending, this means the transaction has closed successfully. 
  • Denied: For card spending, this indicates a decline. For expense submissions, this represents a denial.
  • Reversed: A card transaction has been marked fraudulent by the employee, and the Benepass team is assisting in disputing this charge.

Questions? We are happy to help! Please reach out to Benepass Support for any assistance.

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