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Report Guide: Transaction Types and Statuses

In Benepass Reporting, you might come across a few states and statuses for transactions that require clarification.

In general, when we use the term "transaction", we're referring to employee spend in any form - this includes both card transactions on the Benepass Visa card and expenses submitted for reimbursement.

Transaction Types


Card spending results in a completed, closed transaction. This will appear once an order has been shipped or fulfilled, and the authorization hold has been released.


This transaction type only appears in the filter of the Pending Spending report.

When a merchant initiates a transaction, they will place a temporary hold or authorization charge on a card. Once the transaction completes and closes, the held amount will be returned through an authorization release.


Reimbursements are benefit-eligible expenses employees purchased using a personal card. They submit a receipt image for review and approval by the Benepass team.

Transaction Statuses

  • Complete: Indicates a complete and closed card transaction, or an approved reimbursement. 
  • Denied: Indicates a declined card transaction or a denied reimbursement submission. 
  • Reversed: A card transaction that was reversed by the merchant, or is in the process of being disputed to the card processor.

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