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Report Guide: Posted Spending

What is Posted Spending?

The Posted spending report is an account of all completed employee spending. This includes completed card transactions and approved reimbursements. This report includes both notional and real money movement.

Employee spending will be present on this report only following the completion of a card transaction, or the approval of a reimbursement. Pending card transactions and reimbursements can instead be found in the Pending spending report. 

What to know

Posted time

The Posted spending report is organized using the posted time (UTC). This is the precise moment when the card transaction was completed or the reimbursement was approved. Posted time does not account for when the transaction was initiated or the reimbursement was first submitted.

Large reimbursements

If your program includes a pretax benefit that is configured to allow expenses greater than an employee's current balance, the full approved expense amount will be shown on the Posted Spending report. If you'd like to review the recurring partial payouts to that employee, please refer to the Reconciliation report.

Notional vs real money movement

At Benepass, we utilize two forms of money movement - notional and real. Real money movements have a direct impact on available cash balances, such as outgoing ACH reimbursement payments, or credit card spending. In contrast, notional money movements are changes to employee balances that do not tie to a change in cash balance.

For example, an employee may receive a $100 monthly contribution. However, there is no cash impact until a card transaction is initiated or a reimbursement payment is sent. The contribution is a notional money movement and their card spending is a real money movement.

The Posted spending report tracks both notional and real money movements and therefore will not tie perfectly to the Reconciliation report, which tracks solely real money movements. For more details, please review Reconciliation Report and Posted Spending.

How to navigate the Posted spending report

On the Posted spending report, you'll be able to:

  • Select your date range
  • Set filters
  • Aggregate by employee, benefit, or country
    • By default the report will show all individual transactions
  • Export the report to a .CSV

Bookmarking Reports

The filtering options on the Posted spending report include URL-based indicators that allow you to bookmark custom reports. Once you've filtered down to your preferred report filters, simply save the URL to return at any time.

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