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Reports: Overview

Benepass provides a number of detailed reports that allow you and your team to track Benepass activity for your entire company.

This guide will provide an overview of the intended purpose of each report type, a hyperlink to the detailed report guide, and sample reports for you to review. Please note sample reports may be from different time periods. 

Account Summary Reports

Report Name and Associated Help Center Article  Intended Use Sample Report (this will open as a CSV or PDF)
Reconciliation Report

This report is the source of truth for all money movement on the Benepass platform. This report can be filtered and sorted to support a number of end-of-month or close-of-book functions for accounting and finance teams. All other Benepass reports are built off of this data.

Admin teams can use this report for line-by-line auditing, as well as the building blocks of any custom reporting required.

Sample Reconciliation Report

Benepass Platform Statement

This report summarizes all real money movements on the platform in a given month, including both Stripe and Unit. It outlines the same data that is available via the Account Summary report.

Admin teams can use this report to see an at-a-glance summary of the IR report.

Sample Platform Statement

Blue Ridge Bank (Unit) Statement

The Unit Statement will report all real money movements in and out of the Unit account in a given month.

If you are looking for a summary of all cash balances held by Benepass, please utilize the Reconciliation report, Account Summary, or Platform Statement.

Sample Blue Ridge Bank Statement 


Specific Use Reports

Report Name Intended Use Sample Report 
Imputed Income Report

If your benefits program includes taxable benefits, such as a Lifestyle Spending Account or Wellness benefit, you will need to regularly report taxable spending on employee paychecks as "Imputed Income." This report will include all taxable employee spending.

HR and Payroll teams use this report to calculate YTD taxable spending, and push imputed income on employee paychecks at a regular, pre-determined cadence.

Sample Imputed Income Report (Total) 

Sample Imputed Income Report (Breakdown)

International Reimbursements Report

The Payroll reimbursements report provides a detailed account of any reimbursements that should be added directly to your payroll system for processing. This includes spending for international employees or on any benefits configured to be paid via payroll.

HR and Payroll teams use this report to provide international employees their reimbursements via payroll at a regular, pre-determined cadence.

Sample International Reimbursement Report (Total) 

Sample International Reimbursement Report (Breakdown)

Posted and Pending Spending

The Posted spending report is an account of all completed employee spending. This includes completed card transactions and approved reimbursements. 

The Pending spending report is an account of all pending employee spending. This includes pending card transactions and reimbursements.

Admin teams can use these reports to view individual or company-wide spending patterns.

Sample Spending Report 


This report displays an employee’s benefit balances at close of day on a specific date.

Admin teams can use this to understand available and unspent funds for an individual employee or group.

Sample Balances Report


This report displays all recorded paycheck deductions that Benepass has received for relevant pre-tax benefits.

It can be used in tandem with the Contributions & expirations report to confirm that deduction and contribution totals match.

Sample Deductions Report

Contributions and expirations

This report outlines all contributions and expirations to employees’ benefit balance. These are notional money movements that impact employees' available balances but do not have a cash impact on your account.

This report can be used to verify that employees received correct and timely contributions and expirations.

Sample Contributions and Expirations Report

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