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New Employee Experience

We care deeply about providing the best possible experience to your employees, which is why we have a set of processes to make onboarding a breeze for your new employees.

New Employee Experience

Within the first 24-48 hours from their first day, employees receive a welcome email. This email will help them navigate Benepass and prompts them to log in for the first time to discover their benefits. 

First log-in:

When an employee logs in for the first time, they will go through an onboarding set of questions, such as name, last name, phone number, address, and more. Completing this onboarding will automatically create a virtual card for the employee. 

During this time, they can also:

a) Check the billing address associated with their cards, which is set to the employer's preferred address and is always a US address. This is important because otherwise, a card purchase will decline. 

  • US employees: employees in the US can choose to update their billing address to their preferred address provided it is also within the US.
  • International employees: billing addresses are required to be US-based, so international employees will see the employer's preferred address on file. International employees have to use this address when making online purchases to prevent the card from declining. 

b) Order a physical card: if desired, employees can also order a physical card.

  • US Employees: US employees can order a card to their preferred address. It normally arrives within 2 weeks of being ordered. 
  • International employees: international employees won't be prompted to order a physical card since we currently can only ship cards to places within the US. If an employee is traveling to the US, they can contact our support team and we can ship it to the address of their choosing.

Even if employees don't have a physical card, all employees are provided with a virtual card that is created as soon as the employee goes through the initial onboarding questions. They can use it on eligible online purchases as well as by adding it to their digital wallet!


In their first weeks:

After an employee receives their first welcome email, we send a short series of follow-ups to help them get familiar with Benepass and their benefits. We'll help them to understand:

  • How to use their Benepass benefits
  • How to reclassify a transaction
  • How to submit an expense for reimbursement or how to use their card

In their first months:

By this time, employees will have received all of the necessary information to get them up and running in the Benepass world. Normally by now, they will have interacted with our platform either by using their Benepass card or by submitting an expense for reimbursement. 

Our Support team is always available for any questions. We often see employees asking most of their questions throughout the first month, so we make sure we are ready to answer any questions they may have!

During their first month, employees also learn about our regular reimbursement timelines. Normally, our team reviews claims within 5 business days of the time of submission. From there, if approved, here is what happens:

  • US employees: reimbursement payments for US employees are managed by the Benepass team and provided through direct ACH. After a claim is approved, the payment is sent automatically, landing in the employee's chosen bank account anywhere between 3-5 days later depending on their bank.
  • International employees: due to international banking regulations, direct ACH reimbursements are not currently available for any employee located outside the US. In order for us to offer reimbursements to these employees, your company will provide it via payroll. Once a claim is approved for an international employee, it will be shown in your Admin Dashboard under Reports to process those reimbursements yourselves. You can read more about this process here!


Questions? We are happy to help! Please reach out to the Benepass Admin Support Team by emailing admin@getbenepass.com.

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