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Top 10 Employee Questions

During the first few months, you may receive some questions directly from your employees. Here are the 10 most common questions HR Admins get and how to best address them:

  1. I'm having trouble logging into my Benepass account!
    This could happen for a variety reasons, such as the employee trying to use their personal email instead of their work email. For individual employee login concerns, we encourage you to direct them to our Support Team through a ticket request so we can help them troubleshoot directly. 

  2. A transaction was declined, why did that happen?
    Card transactions can decline for several reasons and it requires our team to further investigate. With this in mind, it's always best for the employee to contact our Support Team! This will ensure someone from our team has eyes on it as soon as possible and we'll be able to assist the employee directly with personalized support. 

  3. Can we allow a specific merchant for direct card spending?
    This depends on a) the merchant and b) your benefits program.
    Some merchants bill in categories that may not necessarily represent their business. For instance, your program may allow spa/massages, but a massage center may bill as a medical service and decline. In cases like this one, if the merchant only offers eligible services like massages, we can definitely add their information to our system to prevent future declines.
    Note that in order to be able to allow a merchant, we need to see their billing information come through our system, so even if an employee's card was declined, that provides our team with valuable information to make a decision and adjustments moving forward.

  4. When will I get my reimbursement?
    This depends on whether the employee is located in the US or another country. Turnaround times for US employees can be found here and our reimbursement process for international employees can be found here.

  5. The expense says complete, but I haven't received my reimbursement yet?
    When an employee expense has been reviewed and approved, it will show "Complete." If the employee's bank is validated, they can expect payment to be sent in the next 1-2 business days. They can learn more about this process here

  6. How do I choose a bank account?
    We offer two methods to select a bank account
    a) Login credentials
    b) Accounting/Routing numbers
    Normally, if one of these doesn't work, we recommend trying the other option. We also recommend trying this process via desktop if they've had trouble with the mobile app.

  7. Are my funds going to expire?
    This depends on your benefits program! If your benefits have been designed to expire at a monthly, quarterly, annually, or other cadence, employee funds will expire in full at the set time of expiration.

    If your program allows some unused funds to roll over, employees will also see an upcoming expiration date in their accounts. However, only excess funds will expire on the expiration date. Any remaining funds up to the allowable limit will roll over to the following month. 

  8. I lost my receipt for this purchase!
    For perk programs, you can choose to allow an exception for this employee, or you can reach out to us to find other options, such as reclassifying a transaction under a more suitable benefit. If the lost receipt was for a pre-tax purchase, receipts are required to ensure compliance with IRS regulations. That said, this should be brought to our Support Team to explore what alternatives may be available for that particular employee. 

  9. Where's my benefit contribution?
    Our Support Team will be able to check the status of the employee's contribution. In most cases, we may just need to direct the employee how to find and view the contribution in the app or on the web. In more rare cases, it may require further investigation, so directing the employee to our support team is the best option.

  10. When will I get my pretax contributions?
    Each pre-tax benefit has a particular cadence at which funds are contributed, which is determined by the IRS.
    a) Health FSA and Limited Purpose FSAs are funded upfront
    b) Dependent Care FSAs and Health Savings Accounts are funded at a payroll cadence with each deduction
    c) Commuter benefits are mostly funded once monthly, although some programs fund these at a payroll cadence.

    With this in mind, if the benefit is a DCFSA, HSA or Commuter, then the full year's election amount will not be provided upfront. 

Questions? We are happy to help! Please reach out to the Benepass Admin Support Team by emailing admin@getbenepass.com.

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