Pre-Tax Benefits 101

What is a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN)?

For certain pre-tax accounts such as a Health Care FSA (HFSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), the IRS has a number of eligible expenses that may require additional documentation.

Most commonly, generic wellness expenses such as vitamins, a deep tissue massage or gym equipment would not be eligible under these programs. However, if these expenses were recommended by a doctor for a medical treatment plan, the IRS will consider them medically necessary, and therefore an eligible use of funds.

To provide proof of medical necessity, Benepass will prompt you for an LMN before approving these expenses. This is a letter signed by your doctor that states the items or services are "prescribed" as a part of your care plan. Most doctor's offices are familiar with this process and will have a form ready to send you upon request. Once in hand, upload the LMN to your expense along with any necessary receipts for review and approval!


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