Uploading Receipts

I added a receipt, why does it still say "Needs Information?"

If a transaction that you have attached a receipt to still shows "Needs Information", there are two things to check.

First, make sure your receipt is legible and includes the following information: Date, Merchant or Vendor Name, Item(s) Purchased, and Amount spent. If you've requested reimbursement by creating an expense, it's also important to check that the amount you've requested is not greater than the amount the receipt shows.

If your receipt follows all the rules above but your transaction still shows "Needs Information," then it's possible you may need an extra step of approval.

Some benefits require proof of manager approval before they can be finalized and processed.

For example, you may have bought an online training course using a Learning or Professional Development benefit. If your employer requires proof of manager approval for any Learning or Professional Development purchases, you'll need to upload that approval to the transaction.

You can attach proof of approval the same way you upload a receipt, you can just take a screenshot of a quick chat between you and your manager. 

If you're curious about what purchases will require a receipt, you can check your employer's policy by heading to Accounts > Benefit > Benefit details.

If you have updated your receipts to include all the necessary info, plus manager approval if needed, and your transaction or expense is still pending, then contact Support by clicking on "Submit a request" in the top right corner of this page and include the date, merchant, and amount of the expense or transaction you'd like us to take a look at.

Questions? We are happy to help! Please reach out to Benepass Support for any assistance.

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