Why are there additional taxes on my paystubs?

You may have noticed some new taxes on your pay stub related to your Benepass benefits. Many of Benepass's wellness and other programs are considered taxable income (under rules set by the IRS in the US and similar bodies globally).

You are only ever taxed on the amount you spend on your Benepass card in a taxable benefit program (not all of our programs are taxable – if your company is paying for work-from-home items, cell phone/internet, etc. these programs are often non-taxable). 

Using some of your Benepass benefits may increase your taxable income if the benefits program itself is taxable. You are only ever taxed on the amount of the benefit you use.

For example, let's imagine your employer has created a $50 / month wellness program through Benepass. If you buy a Peloton subscription for $20, your taxable income will increase by $20. If you spend all $50, your taxable income will increase by $50. And if you don't spend any of your benefit, your taxable income won't increase at all.

You'll see this $20 spent in a section of your paystub often called 'imputed income.' Imputed income is included in your gross wages (so that taxes can be withheld) but not in your net pay (actual dollars on your paycheck - because you've already received those dollars by spending your Benepass benefit).

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