What can I spend my balance/benefit(s) on?

The eligibility of your benefit depends on your employer and each benefit you have as every employer has different rules about what is and what isn't considered eligible spending. 

If you are curious to know about what is eligible under each of your benefits, you can check your specific benefit policy from within our app and website. Simply navigate to the Accounts page from the app or website, and click or tap on the desired benefit. From there, you'll see a button for "What can I spend my benefit on?" which you can expand to show more details.

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There isn't a list of exact items that we limit you to. Instead, your employer lets us know what categories of spending they'd like to approve, and you can decide what you'd like to purchase within those categories.

For example, your employer might offer a Fitness benefit. For you, that might mean paying for a gym membership, while others might prefer to buy at-home workout equipment instead. If you're not sure if something is eligible, feel free to check in with us before spending, and also let us know if your card is getting declined somewhere you think should be eligible.

We also recommend checking out our Explore page to get inspired. While it's not a comprehensive list, we hope it will give you some ideas.

Questions? We are happy to help! Please reach out to Benepass Support for any assistance.

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