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How to add your virtual card to a mobile wallet

What is a virtual card?

A virtual card works just like a physical card, except it's saved within your Benepass account and you can add it to a digital wallet on your phone. With a virtual card, you don't need to worry about carrying your physical wallet!

Do I have a virtual card?

Unless your program allows reimbursements only, your virtual Benepass card will be ready as soon as you receive your welcome email. This will be the only card you will see in your account when you first log in. It is also already active and ready to be used!

*Note: If you ever choose to order a physical card (US only), the virtual card will be the first one showing up in your account.

How can I use my virtual card in person?

To use your virtual card easily when you're paying in person, you can add the card to your phone's mobile wallet. 

For Apple Pay or Google Wallet, the best way to add your card to your mobile wallet is by logging in to our app, heading to the Cards page, and clicking on your white Benepass Virtual card. Scroll down until you see a button that says "Add to Apple Wallet" for iPhone users, or "Add to Google Wallet" for Android users, and follow the instructions that pop up.

You can also navigate to your mobile wallet and manually add the Benepass card from there.

For Samsung Pay: Open Samsung Pay on your phone, tap Menu in the top left corner and then tap Cards. Next, tap Add card (blue +card icon), then tap "Add Credit/Debit Card" and follow the instructions to register your card. 

For Virtual HSA cards, you'll need to add these cards to Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or Samsung Pay manually. Open your virtual wallet app, and follow the steps to manually add a debit or credit card.

Remember to use the correct billing address associated with your card.

International mobile wallet use

Please note that certain countries and merchants may have per-transaction limits on tap to pay purchases. Benepass recommends splitting large transactions when possible, or using an alternate payment method and submitting for reimbursement if available within your program.

Questions? We are happy to help! Please reach out to Benepass Support for any assistance.

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