Commuter Benefits (Transit/Parking)

What purchases are eligible with a Commuter Transit/Parking pre-tax benefit?

The IRS determines what exactly is eligible under your Commuter benefits. Some examples of eligible Transit expenses are:

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Subway
  • Ferry
  • Light Rail
  • Rideshare with at least 6 passenger seats

Eligible Parking expenses include:

  • Meters*
  • Garages*
  • Parking Lots*

*For parking-related expenses, please note that these costs must be related to your parking for work, whether that’s in a nearby lot or at your local ferry/train station. 

Parking and transportation costs unrelated to work are not available for reimbursement. The following are also not eligible

  • Highway tolls
  • Cost of gasoline
  • Bike-related expenses, including bike sharing
  • Car maintenance  
  • Scooter sharing expenses
  • Flights
  • Travel to/from business meetings
  • Transportation for spouses/dependents
  • Rideshare with less than 6 passenger seats

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