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Report Guide: Utilization

What is the Utilization report?

This report shows the amount of spending in proportion to the amount of contributions received during a given time period on a per benefit enrollment basis.

It also provides aggregated metrics by employee and by benefit.

What to know

An employee’s benefit enrollment will appear in the report data if it was in a non-inactive state (i.e. active, runout period, grace period, COBRA) at any point during the selected time period.

The “Utilization rate” metric is the sum of all spending activity that became finalized divided by the sum of all contributions made during the selected time period duration. Transfers, including rollover, do not appear in contribution totals at this time.

To view this spending activity on the transaction level, see the Posted spending report. To view these contributions individually, see the Contributions & expirations report. (You will need to set the report date range to match the range you have set for this report).

Enrollments that were inactive for the entire selected time period will not appear in the report.

Please note: you will need to pick a time period that makes sense for your program’s contribution and expiration cadence. For example:

If your program contributes on the first of the month and expires funds on the last day of the month, a date range from the start to end of the month will display a sensible monthly utilization value.

Setting a date range from the 15th of Month 1 to the 15th of Month 2 will include the contribution value from Month 2, but spending from both Month 1 and 2.

Why I am seeing a utilization value greater than 100%?

This occurs if you select a time period during which contributions were not made, or if the employee is still able to spend funds contributed in an earlier time period.

Adjusting the date range to begin the day following an expiration event and end the day before a next relevant expiration event will address this.

How to navigate the Engagement report

This report allows you to:

  • Choose a date range
  • Set filters
  • Aggregate by Employee and Benefit
  • Export to a .csv file


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