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Report Guide: Account summary

What is the Account summary?

The Account summary is a report that summarizes the Reconciliation report by subcategory for a given time period. The Account summary will include all real money movements on the platform, including both Stripe and Unit. It is available in a statement form via the Statements page.

What to know

Date and time

This report is organized using the event timestamp, which is when the money movement occurred in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). It will always start with the end balance value and concluding with the start balance value for each account.

Account types

This report utilizes a double entry ledger format, and will register the sum debits and credits against both available and held balances. Available balances represent the funds currently in the account, while Held balances represent funds that have been held for payment, but have not yet left the account. The Reconciliation report will include the held and available balances for up to three accounts, depending on your specific configuration.

  • Stripe Issuing: Balance available to fund direct Benepass card spending only
  • Stripe Treasury: In some cases, your account may use Stripe Treasury to hold a balance to fund outgoing reimbursement payments.
  • Unit: Balance available to fund outgoing reimbursement payments, pretax contributions, and direct Flex card spending.

How to read your Account summary

On the Account summary report, you'll be able to:

  • Select your date range
  • Set filters
  • Aggregate by subcategory
    • By default the report will show all events
  • Export the report to a .CSV

You'll see the following categories summarized on your Account summary, in addition to a starting and closing balance for each account.

  • Card authorization hold: Sum of all card authorization hold debits against the account
  • Card authorization release: Sum of all card authorization release credits to the account
  • Card transaction: Sum of all card transaction debits against the account
  • Contribution: Sum of all HSA contributions made to employees, represented as debits to the account
  • Internal transfer: Sum of all debits and credits associated with transfers between Unit and Stripe accounts, usually balancing to 0
  • Platform funding: Sum of all incoming funds from external sources
  • Reimbursement payout: Sum of all outgoing funds to employees for approved reimbursements

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