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Report Guide: Pending Spending

What is Pending Spending?

The Pending spending report is an account of all pending employee spending. This includes pending card transactions and reimbursements.

Employee spending will be present on this report once a card transaction has been initiated or a reimbursement has been submitted for review. Once the card transaction is completed, or the reimbursement is approved, it can be found in the Posted Spending report.

What to know

Historical data

This report will only reflect currently pending transactions and reimbursements. Once closed, a transaction will only be reported in the Posted spending report. Historical data on a transaction's pending status is not available.

Pending reimbursements

There may be cases when an employee's reimbursement is pending for more than 5 business days. This is usually because the Benepass team is awaiting additional substantiation from the employee, such as proof of manager approval or additional receipt information. Once complete substantiation is provided, the reimbursement will be approved and move to the Posted spending report.

How to navigate the Pending spending report

On the Pending spending report, you'll be able to:

  • Set filters
  • Aggregate by employee, benefit, or country
    • By default the report will show [all individual transactions].
  • Export the report to a .CSV


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