Can I use my Lifestyle Spending Account or Wellness benefits on medical spending?

Have you ever wondered why certain medical expenses aren't covered under your Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) or Wellness employer provider benefits? 

This restriction isn't a matter of company policy; it's actually an IRS compliance issue. Benefits such as HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) and FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) are subject to stringent IRS regulations due to the significant tax advantages they offer. The IRS imposes strict guidelines on benefits that allow for medical spending. Since your Lifestyle Spending Account or Wellness benefit is highly flexible, it doesn't meet the criteria set forth by the IRS for benefits that permit medical spending.

This means that our system simply doesn't permit medical spending under these benefits. If our system detects that spending is medical in nature, the charge won't go through, and expenses submitted for reimbursement will be denied. 

While medical spending isn't covered under these benefits, there are still numerous ways to support your health that are allowable. We encourage you to explore alternative avenues for promoting your well-being.

You can check your specific benefit policy by navigating to the Accounts page from the app or website. Click or tap on the desired benefit, and then expand the "View policy" section to view more details.

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