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End of Year - Employee Balances

Employee Balances

In some cases, an employee's balance in a specific benefit may be increased after expirations have occurred:

  • Transaction Returns + Refunds
    • If a purchase is returned or refunded, the funds will return back to an employee’s benefit balance automatically. If funds are returned following a scheduled expiration, the employee’s available balance will be increased by the amount of the refund, so long as the benefit enrollment is active.
  • Denied Reimbursements
    • After an employee has submitted a reimbursement, it will be reviewed within 5 business days. In some cases, a decision about the reimbursement will come after a scheduled expiration. If it is determined to be ineligible under the benefit’s policy, the reimbursement will be denied and the funds will be returned to the employee’s benefit balance.

While this is most popular by the end of the year since many benefits expire then, this is also true for any expiration a benefit may have throughout the year. Therefore, if you offer a benefit that expires on a monthly basis, the behaviors mentioned above could happen in those scenarios as well. You can read more about this in this Help Center article for employees.

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