Going Live

Going Live: What Happens Next?

By this time, you've worked along with your Onboarding Manager to get you ready to take your program live, you've had training on how to use the Admin Dashboard and the Benepass portal and all key milestones have been achieved to get your program up and running. So, what's next?

Launch Day

  • Your employees will receive a welcome email indicating how to log in, their benefits overview and more. Along with your Onboarding Manager, you've reviewed the language from this email, which is sent on the go-live date. 
  • Employees will log in and fill out some basic onboarding questions to set up their accounts. Once the onboarding within the app is complete, employees will get access to their virtual card and order a physical card (for US employees)
  • Employee accounts will have been funded with the planned amount, so they can start using their benefits right away. 

Post-Launch Day

Onboarding Handoff

  • Within a few days of launch, you will be formally introduced to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will be your new dedicated point of contact moving forward. Upon introduction, your CSM will:
    • Schedule an employee training session about Benepass so that your employees can become familiar with our platform.
    • Be available for additional Admin training sessions to go over some important Reports from the Admin Dashboard.
    • Find time for regular check-ins with you to monitor account health and answer questions live
    • Manage post-launch pre-tax items if applicable.
      • Including rollovers and balance transfers from prior custodians
      • Audits on your first pay period to ensure deductions are processed accordingly 
  • You will also receive an Onboarding survey to get your thoughts on your Onboarding experience and provide feedback!

General Program Management

During the first few weeks post-launch, you can expect some questions to come in as both your team and your employees begin to meaningfully interact with the Benepass platform. 

Our Help Center is a great resource for employees and Admins, but if you can't find your answer here we have the following resources available.

  • Contact our Admin Support team (admin@getbenepass.com) for assistance
  • Reach out to your new CSM for account-level inquiries, or surface questions during your handoff or first monthly call
  • Direct employees to submit a ticket request!

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