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Report Guide: Contributions & Expirations

What is the Contributions & expirations report?

The Contributions & expirations report outlines all contributions and expirations to employees’ benefit balance. These are notional money movements that impact employees' available balances but do not have a cash impact on your account. This report can be used to verify that employees received correct and timely contributions and expirations.

What to know

Contribution source

For benefits that may include an employer contribution, you can confirm the source of each contribution in this report by checking the “Contributed by” column. 

How to navigate the Contributions & expirations report

On the Contributions & expirations report, you'll be able to:

  • Select your date range
  • Set filters
  • Aggregate by employee or country
    • By default the report will show all individual contributions and expirations
  • Export the report to a .CSV


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