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Report Guide: Balances Guide


This report displays an employee’s benefit balances on the specific date you select. It can be used to understand unspent but available funds for an employee on a particular date.

All benefits an employee has ever been enrolled in are displayed in the report, independent of the date selected. If the enrollment did not exist or was inactive on the date selected, the balance is shown as "0".


Accessing the report

To view the report, click on “Reports” from the menu bar on and select the “Balances” tab.



Using the report

Date and time

This report allows you to select and view balances on a particular date. Note that the balances for today’s date will update as employees spend their funds over the course of the day. Additionally, new contributions and expirations will continue to run as scheduled based on the employee's specific timezone.

Balances for all dates in the past are reported as of 23:59:59 UTC on that date.

Balance type

This report displays two types of benefit balances:

  • Available balance
  • Held balance

The available balance for a benefit is the amount that an employee had available to spend on the date specified.

The held balance for a benefit is the pending amount that an employee had on the date specified. Transactions in a pending state have either been authorized and not yet completed (for card charges) or submitted and not yet approved (for expenses).


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