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Report Guide: Balances

What is the Balances report?

This report displays an employee’s benefit balances at close of day on a specific date. It can be used to understand available and unspent funds for an individual employee or group. These are notional balances and do not correlate to your organization's platform funding.

What to know

Same day reporting

When viewing this report day-of, it is important to remember that balances may update hourly as employees spend their funds or as any scheduled contributions and expirations take place.

Balances for all historical dates will be finalized and reported as of 23:59:59 UTC on that date.

Balance type

This report displays two types of benefit balances; available and held. The available balance is the amount that an employee had available to spend on the date specified. The held balance is the amount that was pending for an employee had on the date specified. This includes pending card transactions or reimbursements.

Historical data

This report does not capture the state of an employee's enrollments at a moment in time. It will include all enrolled benefits for all employees for all time, independent of the chosen date. If the enrollment did not exist or was inactive on the date selected, the benefit will still be listed with a balance of 0.

How to navigate the Balances report

On the Balances report, you'll be able to:

  • Select your selected date
  • Set filters
  • Aggregate by benefit or country
    • By default the report will show all individual employee balances
  • Export the report to a .CSV


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