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Benefits Page Overview - Admin Dashboard

What is the Benefits Page in the Admin Dashboard?

This page will outline how each of your program benefits are configured, as well as which employees are enrolled under each benefit and their available balances, to give you comprehensive visibility into your benefits program design.

On the Benefits Tab, you will find a list of all program benefits. Click into any benefit to see more information.

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Employees Enrolled

This tab shows a list of employees enrolled in this benefit, their enrollment status, and their remaining available balance. The list is set by default to display only active enrollments, but you can also filter or include different statuses (active, inactive, grace period, or runout period).




Benefit Configuration

This tab will outline the benefit configuration information such as:

  • Benefit name
  • Benefit type (perk/pre-tax)
  • Rollover amount
  • Plan start/end dates
  • Description (policy summary)




This tab shows the benefit rules under four different categories:

  1. Enrollment: who gets enrolled in this benefit
  2. Spending: how employees can spend their funds under a benefit (i.e. card spending, expenses, etc.)
  3. Taxability: whether purchasing under a benefit is considered taxable or non-taxable
  4. Receipts: when a benefit requires receipts for purchases (i.e. for expenses only, for card transactions over $100, etc.)
  5. Grace Period: the set number of days after the plan year where an employee can still spend their benefit funds
  6. Termination Grace Period: the set number of days after termination during which employees can still spend their benefit funds
  7. Runout Period: the set number of days after the plan year during which employees can be reimbursed for expenses incurred during the plan year

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