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Benefits Page Overview - Admin Dashboard

What is the Benefits Page in the Admin Dashboard?

This page will outline how each of your program benefits are configured, as well as which employees are enrolled under each benefit and their available balances, to give you comprehensive visibility into your benefits program design.

On the Benefits Tab, you will find a list of all program benefits. Click into any benefit to see more information.

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This tab shows:
a) Enrollment rule: who gets automatically enrolled in this benefit.

b) A list of employees enrolled in this benefit, their enrollment status, and their remaining available balance. You can download the enrollment data for your convenience.

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The list is set by default to display only active enrollments, but you can also filter or include different statuses (active, inactive, grace period, or runout period).




This tab will outline the benefit configuration information such as:

  • Benefit name
  • Benefit type (perk/pre-tax)
  • Taxability
  • Plan start/end dates (pre-tax only)
  • Runout/grace periods

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This tab shows how spending works for employees, describing 3 different categories:

  1. General: it shows the setting "Spending". Spending refers to how employees can spend their benefits (Benepass card, reimbursement or both). This also shows how reimbursements are handled. 
  2. Substantiation: it shows the setting "Receipts", which indicates the receipt rules for this benefit, whether it is required or not, and when it would be required if applicable.
  3. Policy: This box shows the benefit policy and what is eligible under this benefit. This is also shown to employees within the app.

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This tab shows the configuration of the contribution contribution and expiration of funds.

  1. Contribution: it shows who gets a contribution under this benefit, the amount and the frequency and schedule.
  2. Expiration: it shows who will see a possible expiration of funds, the frequency at which the expirations run and the expected expiration behavior. 

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Questions? We are happy to help! Please reach out to the Benepass Admin Support Team by emailing

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