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Contacting the Admin Support Team

When to contact the Admin Support Team

While we have a number of resources for our admins in our Help Center, we want you to feel comfortable knowing you can reach out to our Admin Support team for any additional concerns or questions that come up.

Below are some examples of when reaching out to Admin Support is applicable, but please note this is not an exhaustive list, and we are always here and happy to help! 

  • Have questions or changes to your current benefits programs?
    Examples here include: 
    • Adding a new benefit 
    • Changing a benefit contribution or expiration cadence 
    • Updating a benefit name 
    • Updating a benefit contribution or expiration amounts 

  • Have questions that have surfaced from your employees that cannot be answered on our Help Center?
    Examples here include:
    • Multiple employees experiencing continued login issues 
    • Unexplained card issues/declines for multiple employees
    • Several employees missing benefit enrollments or contributions 

  • Have questions or concerns after reviewing something on the Admin Dashboard or a report?
    Examples here include: 
    • Admin(s) not able to log in to the Admin Dashboard on their end
    • Questions or need clarity on something from a report they ran on their end

  • Do you have an update to your Roster that cannot be done from your end?
    Examples here include:  
    • Reactivating re-hired employees on Benepass  
    • Adding a new enrollment to an existing employee's account 
    • Requesting one-off contribution or expiration events  

How to contact the Admin Support Team

Our Admin Support team is here to help you manage your program! If you have any support needs, please reach out to us at 

Alternatively, you can also submit a ticket request under "HR Admin Issues".

If you have an employee escalating a Benepass question, you can direct them to submit a ticket through our Help Center!

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